Wendylett fitted base sheet underlayment

Fitted wendylett

Wendylett fitted base sheet underlayment

Draw Sheets underlayment ( 2Way 4Way) A draw sheet is placed on top of the mattress cover the person to be moved lies on top fitted of the draw sheet. For users who need more assistance WendyLett can be combined with the WendyLett2Way drawsheet the WendyLett4Way. Wendylett fitted base sheet underlayment. The WendyLett base wendylett sheet wendylett is fitted to the bed like a fitted underlayment normal fitted sheet, with the smooth fitted surface in the middle of the bed. By pulling on the draw sheet a carer may move the person underlayment assist them to turn. WendyLett sliding sheet is tucked under the bed like a normal sheets, with the smooth surface in the middle of the bed. For the WendyLett sheet there are also wendylett two different drawsheets wendylett WendyLett2Way WendyLett4Way.

The fabric allows sliding in one direction but not in the underlayment other which makes it easier for the user to turn in bed independently. WendyLett base sheet is a satin sliding sheet. The WendyLett family consists of three different sheets. Please note that the WendyLett draw sheets must be wendylett used on top of a WendyLett base sheet – they will not function independently. WendyLett Base Sheet with Drawstring Fastening - 200cm x 90cm This base 200cm x 90cm WendyLett Base Sheet is a underlayment comfortable satin sheet base that is extremely useful for people that struggle turning in bed.

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The WendyLett family consists of three different WendyLett sheets WendyLett is a satin sliding sheet and a base sheet to be combined with WendyLett2Way, a drawsheet for sliding sideways or. Complete Care Shop ' s name for this product is Wendylett Base And Slide Sheets Their code/ s for this product and any variants are: - Wendylett Base Sheet CCS13827- CCSWay Slide Sheet CCS13882- CCSWay Slide Sheet CCS13846- CCS13879. WendyLett2Way: A draw sheet for sliding sideways. Made of material adapted from the WendyLett base sheet yet further reduces the likelihood of sliding down in bed; Use 2Way system on top of WendyLett base sheet for heightened turning support. WendyLett4Way: For multi- directional sliding, use the 4Way draw sheet on top of the WendyLett base sheet.

wendylett fitted base sheet underlayment

WendyLett base sheet is a satin sliding sheet available in two colours; white and grey with narrow white stripes, and in many different sizes. The sliding takes place sideways along the direction of the stripes.